Illinois Lottery Winning Strategy

Most people playing Illinois lottery on a regular basis are not having much luck winning even the smaller cash prizes, if this is you, listen to what I have to tell you. The Illinois lottery game is a pick 6 from 52 or 6/52 numbers game which has extremely poor odds to win. You simply must put the odds to win more in your favour, if you expect to have good real winning results. You are going to have to use a tested and proven lottery system or lotto strategy to actually obtain good results or you will simply Not Succeed!

Most who play the lotto just run out and get a lottery software system as many of these systems claim will give you big win rates, this is not true! This has been proven to be totally false, most of these lotto software systems are just money-making gimmicks! No lottery software system in the world will give you more than a 2% win rate at best and here’s the real kicker, all the same information or lotto data these software systems give you can al be found online for FREE! So yes, they can help a little but not really worth it, certainly not work buying when it’s free. The Illinois Lotto has number analysis or number hit frequency sites online to get all this information free, so use it as will work with all good lottery systems, but you still need a lottery system that has been tested and proven to increase your odds to win.

So what is the best recommended system or lotto strategy to use? I will break it down for you in simple terms. If you going to use only your past drawn number hit frequency (hot numbers and cold numbers) it’s recommended to use a top winning lottery wheeling system such as Smart Play Lotto Wheels which is an easy, but very effective wheeling system. If you want the best system that many Illinois lottery winners use, you will want to use the Lotto Guy Lottery System which is an awesome winning system, but it is a little harder to use. These two top winning lottery systems are very different from each other, but both systems are the most recommended systems to use for playing Illinois Luckyday Lotto, Illinois Powerball and Illinois Mega Million.  

There simply is no better Illinois Lottery Winning Strategy than the Lotto Guy System or the Smart Play System, the choice is your’s and it really is the smart way to play.